Monday, January 18, 2010


Last night my sister and I went to the local lesbian bar where they were doing a photo shoot for the No H8 campaign in St. Louis. No H8 was born out of necessity and in direct contrast to The Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA) (it is important to know what and who we are up against) which was created by the churchies as a way to defend "traditional marriage". You know, like Brittney's 55 hour hook-up, Tiger's sacred union, Liz Taylor's 8 get my point. I feel like when we say we are all created equal we should back that up. There is no loophole that says we are all equal UNLESS you sleep with the same sex. You can read the entire story of the No H8 campaign by clicking on the link. I love the idea of it. Basically they take individual or group photos of you in a v-neck t-shirt with electrical tape over your mouth and a No H8 tattoo on your face. I have been wanting to attend a photo shoot for some time but the timing never worked out for me. Yesterday it did and I am really glad I went. The official campaign photo is taken with a white background. I will have a copy eventually but I certainly did my own amatuer photography in the meantime.
Here I am in all of my glory.
My sister wearing dad's dog tags. He would just love that.
Sissy and me
Mighty fine self portrait if I do say so myself.
My luva Kris and his gorgeous dimples!
My sister and her friend that works at NP's where the photo shoot was held.
Jim the bartender
Me and Dan, yet anotha gay luva;-) Interesting fact, he used to date my gay hubby.
Nancy Novak and Dan. Nancy owns Novak's, NP's and Bar 5 the 3 biggest lesbian bars in St. Louis. Probably the biggest gay bars but who am I to say?
My sis and her buddy, I can't recall her name but she was a doll
Now we are getting drunk, as I let them write on my face with SHARPIE! Aren't we cute though?
My very favorite Queen, Dieta Pepsi
Nancy and me. Pretty sure she slipped me the tongue.
Zac is a co-worker of my sister-in-law. He might think we are crazy. He might be right.
The obligatory self portrait!

I am proud of St. Louis. Our mayor came to have his photo taken and was quoted in the local newspaper saying: "We all really are more alike than we are different," Slay said. "We have to be more accepting as a community." He said that differences in ethnicity, religion, talent and sexual preference are things that should be celebrated, not divisive. I love that we have elected officials who finally feel like I do. I am proud that so many gay people and their family and friends came out to support this project. I am proud that I could attend with my very own gay sister and run into so many great people of the community on a Sunday night. I had a little bit too much to drink. Thank the Baby Jesus I was off for MLK day today as I didn't drag myself home until almost 4am. I might have kissed a ton of lesbians, gay boys and a drag queen but I had a fantastic time. I donated to a great cause and I was a part of something bigger than even I comprehend at this moment.
P.S. Hubby did my hair on Saturday and it is just absolutely fabulous. Loving the new color!


  1. Love the hair, love the no h8, love this post.

    Can I please come next time????

  2. Absolutely, G! The more the merrier:-)

  3. I am so proud of you and to quote the idiot, "your gay loving self"... After all, the translation of his idiotness is your happy loving self... you look beautiful and I am so happy for you, your stance and your sister... :)