Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Way Back Wednesday- Pride addition!

In honor of Pride week here in the Lou this week I have decided to dedicate today's Way Back posting to Pride's gone by. This will be my 5th year celebrating and I absolutely cannot wait!

My very first gay pride with my sissy in June of 2005!
My shirt says I love my gay sister!

Pride 2006, gotta love the shirts. Mine says "Got Dick?" my sister's says "Got Pussy?" My mom came with an "I love my gay daughter t-shirt".

Nick and Ray samich- Pride 2007
Pride 2007, Ana and I with Kari's gays. Not sure where Kari and Brad went off to.

Pride 2008, early drunkeness and mayham. Ana and I were wasted by parade's end, as you can clearly see here.

And my best butch lesbian for you all to see. In 2007 I got a fake arm band tat...that really did the trick! I can't find the damned pic!

Anastacia and myself after the downpoor of the parade to drunken monkey madness at noon!

Hubs and I sitting on the stage at Novak's...this is a first

Making out with gay men...happy PRIDE!!!!!

This picture pretty well wraps up the evening, I think

Just a reminder on how we truly ended it. Hubby with my bra on his face claiming "I smell nipples" Here's to another great Pride STL, bitches!

Happy Pride 2009!!!!!


  1. Love the pics... can't wait to see the new ones from this year.... that pink tank top... is that the one I brought you back from NC?

  2. One of these years, I WILL go. That looks like so much fun. Love all of those photos.

  3. This looks like my kind of party. I must attend one of these years!!!!!