Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OFFICIAL: NO H8 and another explaination for the uninformed

Official No H8 photos have been posted. I have gay people asking me what this movement is all about. I blogged about the No H8 campaign here when we attended the photo shoot back in January. You can read about the campaign on the official No H8 website. This group started out as celebrities having their photo taken with the No H8 tattoo and duck tape on their mouth to support gay marriage. The campaign went nationwide and there are now photo shoots all over the world to gain momentum for this campaign and to put an end to hate and discrimination. There will be a huge display of all of these photos from all over the world. If you are gay and you do not know this information I request that you relinquish your gay card to me directly with a written apology to your community OR you can sign up to have your photo taken in a city near you. You decide.

My official No H8 photo by John Elkins taken at NP's in St. Louis

My sister's official photo. My father would die to know that she is wearing his dog tags!
Our official No H8 photo together. Yes, I did let them write on my face with a Sharpie!


  1. I'm dying to do this. Yours is GORGEOUS.

  2. Wow! Beautiful photos! Really love 'em.

  3. Thanks! Photoshop is the shit:-) G, I think there is one more in St. Louis before they do the big display. Each participating city does a collage that will be a part of the nationwide campaign. I really hope they use our picture together in the display.