Monday, March 8, 2010

Bit o' nature, Me Cube, a night out and a few guilty pleasures

This weekend was fantastic. The weather finally warmed up so I could get out of the house and be at one with nature again. My old roomy, Sarah, and I took a walk around a local lake with Bo. I love the way that exercising outside makes me feel. It is like therapy for my soul. I can’t wait until spring is in full bloom with green things growing and flowers abundant. I am thinking about planning a girls camping/float weekend just to celebrate the spring season; although we might have to stay in a cabin- just in case of rain. Well, you don’t have to but I think I would like a nice log cabin. Ok, I am daydreaming and way off track.

Where was I? Ah, the weekend! My Saturday classes went phenomenally. My research paper on Dan Choi is coming along great. I have not called him yet but I plan to this week. I hate to say this but after work shopping other people's papers in class (on the smart board), I feel more than confident with my work. Sarah (old roomy) is an English guru so she edited my paper and had some fantastic input. Sadly, I think I learned more from my evening with her editing my paper than I have from the entire class. I hope that College Comp II is a bit more challenging.

I got an A+ on my project for communication. The assignment was to decorate a box, all six sides with things that define or describe you. I thought about doing cutesy cut outs of mountains, oceans, diamonds and all things that I love. One of my biggest passions is photos. I take pride in my pictures and I am known to always have a camera. I decided to express myself on my “Me Cube” (that was the assignment name) through my pictures. I think it turned out wonderful and I know I am biased but I also think it was the best in class. Some people cut out a picture of flowers from a magazine for an entire box side. I took pictures of my “Me Cube” so you could see the final product. I put a lot of time into it and I was really proud of how it turned out.

The 'Me' side of my "Me Cube". There are baby pics, junior high and everything up until now.
Manda's side. Check out our baby pic in the middle. She's the real redhead. Now and forever.
Me and my sissy. I love the little kid ones in the middle.
My family. The bottom middle is my parents in 1969. The 2 on either side of that are the Core 4: Dad, mom, Cher and me. Left side is dad's new family. Right side is mom's. Top 2 photos are me with each parent. Oddly enough, after divorce we all traveled to Reno when my sister graduated the 1st or maybe 2nd time. Just me, my mom and dad went to stay with my sister and her then-husband together. That is a whole blog in itself. Mental note. Anyway both little corner pics were taken in Lake Tahoe on that trip.
Places I've Been: San Fransisco, CA- Vedauwoo, WY- Bellvue, CO-Pensacola, FL- Scottsdale, AZ- Santa Barbara, CA, Lake Tahoe, NV & CA- Steamboat Springs, CO- Amsterdam, Holland- Alcatraz-and many more that wouldn't fit.
The final side was to show my gay pride. The gays are really my only "cause" so they had to get a rainbow and a shout-out. Top left is me and my gay hubs, right is Aaron. Me and sis in the middle and prides gone by at the bottom. Did I mention that I was super proud of this project?

Saturday night was a night out on the town with my single girl, Nicole, and one of my fav gays, Aaron. My roomy had a bad day and was going to sit at home and drink alone so I invited him along as well. My newly single guy friend, Alex, called to see what was shaking so he came to meet us too. Nicole, Aaron and I dominated the dance floor while Ryan and Alex held down the fort at the bar. They are both newly single-again fathers so they have much in common. I was the designated driver so I only had 2 drinks but they were strong and I am not a drink n’ driver so we went to the casino after the bar so I could drink some water and chill. I lost $4 to the penny slots and we were on our way. It was the only money I spent all night somehow. Everyone had a great time. Nicole went all paparazzi on us so I will include a few pics for your viewing pleasure!
Nicole, Aaron and me
Striking a pose! Can you tell we have done this before?
I LOVE this pic!
We are funny, even on the dance floor!
I need to work on my faces while I dance, fo sho.
Aaron and Nicole
A and T
Ferg and me
Nicole and Aaron...again
Alex, me and Ferg
My Anastacia and me
Sunday was just strange. I didn’t get home Saturday until almost 5am. Alex stayed the night at my house because he is not a drink n’ driver either. He woke up at 9:30 and wanted to get home to his dogs. I took him back to the bar to get his car without even thinking that Ferg (current roomy) left his car at the bar too. I came home to Facebook (guilty pleasure) and my friend Bri called for a ride to her car that she had left behind "somewhere" (no shit, she said that) out of drunkenness as well. Clearly, my friends have a problem. At least they don’t drive though. So I woke Ferg, he dressed and we picked up Bri from down the street at her boyfriends and I deposited them both back to their cars. I had lunch plans with my mom and sister that fell through so I ended up ordering Chinese food (guilty pleasure 2) and watching the Oscars red carpet show all afternoon (gp 3). I rounded out the night with the Oscars (gp4) and promptly fell asleep on the couch (gp5) before all of the good awards. TGFY, Thank God for YouTube. It was really a good weekend and after hearing the great news today I am just over the moon!


  1. I also enjoyed the great weather. That box is awesome! It makes me think about what my "Me Cube" would look like.

  2. Great post! Sounds like an awesome weekend. Your Me Cube turned out great. I am sure it won't happen, but it would be funny if your teacher asked if YOU were gay! :)