Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I'm baaaaack...

I know, I has been too long. I love that some of you took to my Facebook page to let me know too! I have no idea how all of you working mama's do it with work, babies and blogs. I also had no idea how little work I really did at my old job. I spent all day on Facebook. I read the local, US and then world news. I got a good dose of celebrity gossip in around the noon hour. I usually pumped out a blog just after lunch and topped off the day with more news updates, all the while e-mailing, IM'ing and texting my sister, my girl Laura and countless others. Seriously, this was my day, every day.

As you can imagine, things are much different now. I started US Bank on the 22nd. (Again, sorry for the 2 week hiatus) The people in my group are super fantastic. My work space is about 4x's the size of the collection agency and almost as big as my office at the old job. It is cubicles but really big ones with high walls so I am happy. I don't punch a time clock. It is all very laid back. They have a lactation room (not that I need it but nice, none-the-less) as well as a book share. I think I am really going to like it. I am learning a lot about a job that is nothing close to anything I have done before so I am more engaged than I have been in a job in a long time. My friend Courtney works in a different department but just 3 rows away so we take breaks and eat lunch together. That is totally awesome.

The weekend before I started the bank was my spring break from school. My sister's friend, Nikki, visited from Michigan so we had a great weekend STL style. On Friday we took her to a sculpture park, down to the University City Loop to eat on the sidewalk (the weather was awesome) and out for sushi dinner. Saturday we went to a little old German town called Kimswick. We had lunch and shopped around despite the spitting rain. That night we went out to the local lesbian bar. From what I remember it was a really good time but I literally drank to the point of blacking out. I am a small girl. I had no dinner and 10 or more vodka redbulls. As I was typing that I was thinking I am really lucky I didn't have a heart attack...and die. I don't remember from midnight on and we didn't get home until after 3. Apparently, after stopping for fast food, of which I did not order but only made obscene sounds with my mouth. I have no recollection of this. I felt like hammered shit the next morning so I made love to my couch all day long.

Last week was pretty uneventful after my wild, wild weekend. My gay husband did cook me, my sister and her wife a fantastic dinner on Wednesday. Thursday I hung with my friend Jen for movie night. Friday I met my girl Nicole for drinks and catching up. Saturday was back to school and I was very excited, once again. Another movie night on Saturday with a friend and Sunday was laundry and more couch lovin'.

All in all, things have been great in Toni Town. I am really happy with how all things have worked out for the best. I feel super lucky and I am extremely grateful for what I have. More good things are on the horizon for me so I am not stopping now. I will write more and be more exciting later. This blogging outside of work thing is rough!


  1. Yay! You have re-entered the blogosphere! I missed you and am so glad things are working out for you! I knew they would.

  2. Welcome back! I guess it was safe to assume that no news is good news. I am so happy things are going well!