Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I haven't written in over a week! Life is good. I accepted the position at the collection agency to start next Monday the 8th. I didn't ever hear back from US Bank or any of the other 900 companies that I sent my resume to. I've done a lot of soul searching about this and I have a plan. I am on a grant from school this semester and summer. If I can stick it out in collections until the end of summer I would love to work out school full time and bartend again for a while at night. I figure I can work an office dead end job for the next 6 years it will take me to get a degree working full time or I can go to school full time and work at a bar. The money is usually better in the bar but there is no vacation or insurance so it is a trade off. I've thought a lot about all of my options and this seems best for now. The positive to collections is the salary. It is more than enough for me to live on with a very high likelihood of commissions so maybe I can finally payoff some debt and get ahead! I feel really lucky to have this opportunity so my attitude has changed quite a bit.

The last 2 weeks off have been fantastic, I have had time to catch up on all things put on the back burner. I was able to finally deal with some situations that needed dealing with (more on that later) and I have seen and lunched with lots of friends. My mental state is much better than it was when I was working that horrible job. I am doing things for me and only me again and it feels so good. Off to enjoy my last 5 days as a free woman. More very soon.

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