Friday, March 5, 2010

2 things

Wouldn't you know it? I get my mind right with starting this collections job Monday (it took some convincing) and yesterday US Bank called! They want to interview me ASAP. The woman who is hiring was sick and she needs someone soon. Since I start the new gig Monday, and I am not relinquishing that position until I have another, I set up an interview for today at 2pm. The money is slightly better; there is room to move up, no working weekends (2 Sundays a month at the other) and insurance after 30 days (a year at the other). I really feel like I have to at least go and hear them out. I would hate to drop the collections job after a week or 2 but my old roomy has worked for them and she made a good point that they wouldn't hesitate to get rid of me so I should not concern myself with them. After getting the boot from my last boss without any warning I am taking on the attitude of looking out for #1. That's me! I am not really hoping I get the job so much as hoping it is a great fit. I really want them to be nice people that I want to work with. I want a good vibe from them and I want to see a good working environment. I think the universe hears me so we shall see what happens.

My 2nd tidbit more than blew my mind. Yesterday I blogged about
Dan Choi and his amazing efforts to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell; I e-mailed him just to let him know he is a hero. Reading his story made me proud to be an American. His bio is rather vague (I assume because he is now back training with his unit) so I wanted to find out more. I am a bit obsessive sometimes. I didn't really expect a return e-mail but I GOT ONE! Not only that he thanked me for my kind words and gave me his PHONE NUMBER to call him. He said he would be happy to help in any way. So my problem now? I am completely star struck! What do I say? How do I act? OMG, this is huge! My final paper isn't due until next weekend and to be able to cite him as my source for a quote directly would be more than awesome. I am trying to calm the butterflies in my stomach so I can call him. Any suggestions on questions to ask would be greatly appreciated.

I think that about wraps up my week. I will update you all on the status of US Bank just as soon as I know something. A great weekend to all!

Peace and Love,


  1. Aaaagh! That is SO cool!!! Keep us updated!!

  2. WOW!!!! What wonderful news! Everybody wants you baby!!!! ;)

    Chill out and call him. He thinks you rock! HE wants to talk to YOU! Good luck and relax!!!!

  3. I'd just like to say how amazed I am that this thing FINALLY let me comment. And thanks for all of your kind words. I wish you were my neighbor, cuz you'd be coming over for the cookout tomorrow! ;)