Saturday, April 3, 2010


I woke up this morning feeling on top of the world. It is a more than fantastically beautiful spring day in the Lou. I normally have school on Saturday mornings but today I got to sleep in since it is Easter weekend! I have absolutely no plans, which just tickles me in all the right places. I am lounging about on the back patio with my coffee, my computer and my dog +1 (Ferg's dog, Buddy). I have nothing but positive thoughts in my head and good things in my future. I have no idea what today will bring but I am sure it will be fantastic. Tomorrow I am headed to my mom's in the country to celebrate Easter. If her yard is not a muddy waste pit I will take the big dog with me so we can hike and enjoy the weather together. My mom lives on 5 acres that attach to my aunt's 5 acres next door. There is a creek that runs through my mom's back yard that is just fantastic. She has a huge deck off the back of her house (doublewide). She put in a hot tub a few years ago and it was the best decision she has ever made in my opinion. I think I am going to take a book and a bathing suit and really enjoy Spring in style.

The new job is still going really well. I am pretty sure they like me and I really enjoy all of them. I have had a few opportunities this week to gather with friends and enjoy adult beverages. Since the weather has been rather nice all week I am also walking outside a lot more which is therapy for my soul. I am dipping a toe gently back into the dating pool. I am ready to get back out there and mingle. The natural flirt in me is returning full force and I will admit I did miss her. I also found out this week that my friend Rachel's baby is due on my birthday so that is totally exciting! She is a dear friend, former co-worker and ex-roommate of mine. I love her to pieces and her new husband is really just an amazing man. I am so happy for them both...and me. I get a baby for a birthday present! That is pretty much my crazy and all over the place update on my life. I will try to take photos this weekend with the fam and post them here for your viewing pleasure. Happy Spring and Happy Easter weekend to all!

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