Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Update

This working and blogging thing is for the birds. Can someone please just pay me to blog and read celebrity smut all day, please? Anyhoodle, Easter Sunday was an amazing day! It was sunny and almost 70 degrees in the Lou. My mom lives way out in the country on 5 acres of land that connect to my aunts 5 acres. Mom has a creek that runs through her backyard so we usually take a walk and enjoy the outdoors. I decided to take Bo with me because I hate to leave him home and he loves to run like a wild man. It has been a long time since he went to mom's with me. He is not allowed in the house so most dogs get tied to a tree on a chain when we are not outside. I tried a little something new this time. We ran and played for a while and then I went in the back door which is off of the deck. It was fully shaded and I left the sliding door open with the screen closed so he could still hear and see me. Bo laid at the backdoor all during Easter lunch and any other time that we were not outside with him. He was so good. My sister's dog will take off like a crazy woman if she is not on a leash. Bo had no interest in leaving me. He usually doesn't so I can't say I am totally surprised but after that display of control, Bo will be joining me any place that allows dogs from now on. He weighs as much, if not more than I do so controlling him has always scared me a bit. He does great on walks and now I know he is good in the open country too.

My mom's neighbors have 1 big horse and one of those little mini pony things. Bo was intrigued but I kept saying no so he would back off. After a while I felt like a parent keeping their kid from fun so I told him to go check them out.
He was super slow moving at first.
Nice and easy so nobody gets hurt.
This was the closest that he managed to get. That little pony is mean so it is probably a good thing.
Me and my main man.
The ladies of the family: Aunt Gloria, Mama n' Bo, Cousin Theresa, Cher and Jen

Bo Bo loving the creek
Suspect to anyone else? I am not 100% sure but mom's needs to make a call. She has lots of this growing by the creek.
Trying mom's hats on


  1. There's one sure way to tell what that is! ::snicker::

    Looks like a fabulous weekend! I'd wanna go check out the other animals, too. I'm so glad Bo showed you that he's trustworthy. He's gonna LOVE getting to tag along!

  2. Awww...I LOVE Bo! I want to meet him. Big dogs are the best.

  3. That's cool that Bo will stay around the door like that. My sister's dog would never do that. She is a hound dog, so if she gets a whiff of anything she'll take off chasing it.

  4. You should bring Bo out for a walk with us one night:) The little munchkin would love him!

  5. Aww seemed like such a fun day!
    Btw I am terrfied of dogs
    Also, I'm pretty sure that plant is not what you think it is. My brother saw some of the real stuff when he went on vacation to India, this stuff seems different..