Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not so speedy delivery

I got a call from my girl Manda in Colorado last night. Right away she asked for my correct address. I told her and she said "shit". Apparently Manda made me a nice homemade gift like she does frequently and mailed it off last week. The problem? She mailed it to to CL's house by mistake! She asked me for his number so she could call him and ask for him to send it back to her so she could send it to me. She is so sweet, always the glass half full type of girl, but he is the Cowardly Lion. I had serious doubts that he would answer his phone or call her back. After thinking over calling him, Manda called me back, seriously doubting that if he did answer or call back that he would be willing to mail the package back to her so she could mail it to me. I told her I doubted he would engage but if so to just instruct him to give the package to our mutual friend Gina and I would get it from her. I then texted Gina to inform her as well as apologize for dragging her into it.

Gina called me this afternoon. She called CL herself this morning and offered to go get my package. She had seriuos doubts about him responding to Manda too. He told her he has more stuff of mine (Mail, clothes, chipped off pieces of my broken heart? I digress.) and he offered to drop it all off to Gina tomorrow. I am really in shock. I mean the guy had already proven himself to be in the catagory of the lowest of the low so I wasn't expecting anything at all. I guess it is nice to know that he does have a little shred of decency left. Kind of sad but also noteworthy, when I told Gina I was shocked that he had a decent bone left in his body she told me not to get excited until my stuff is in her possession. That speaks volumes to what kind of friend and person CL has been to her.

Anystupidfuckwadsnotworthit, I will photograph and post my new homemade gift from Manda when it arrives as it is sure to rock! Oh, and she updated my address in her address book so this won't happen ever again. It is all really very funny actually.


  1. Glad you can laugh about it...and that there is a bit of hope that you'll get your stuff!

  2. I can't wait to see what she made for you!