Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big day for my boy...

Dan is the big 3-6 today! He is not a huge fan of birthdays but we are going to change all of that right quick. He is working today (he works 24 hour shifts) so I won't see him until tomorrow morning. I guess that is lucky for me since I have yet to buy a gift! Tomorrow is the true celebration. He will FINALLY get to see Belldisa and we will all party together. Perhaps a good dinner or some kind of recreation that will make us all look like jackasses! That is what birthday's are for, are they not? Last year my mom made him go to TX Roadhouse and ride the faux bull. I have spared you those photos. Really, I can't find them because you know if I could they would be here! Hahaha. Anyhoo, what better tribute to my boy on his big day than pictures of us?

Our very first photo at Mardi Gras 2008
Our very first Rams game...
Dan's 35th birthday at Hot Shots. I think I will choose the venue this year:-)
Valentine's Day
Bri and Nicole's birthday at the Grafton Winery
On the lake this past weekend
He's a poser and I love him
Some say we look a bit related in this!
Happy 36th year, baby! I hope it is the best year of your life so far. I love you!


  1. What a nice tribute! Happy Birthday Dan!

  2. I am glad he is warming up to his birthday... I hope you guys have fun tomorrow. Give him a big birthday smooch for me (minus the tongue)!

  3. Such a cute tribute! You two are adorable!