Monday, October 26, 2009

Man Candy

This week for Man Candy Monday I have chosen another couple. They are not a couple in the traditional sense of the word. In fact, although I cannot confirm this, my gaydar tells me they are both pinch hitting for the home team. They are a couple in that they have been trainers on The Biggest Loser together for years now.
Meet Bob Harper...
He looks good with or without clothes.
Hopefully you and Bob's muscles have met before
He is even cute with a shirt on!
Sexy eyes, ooooolala
Love this hair!
Oh, the dedication.
He has more tats now but this is a huge turn on for me.Gotta love a man who can hold that pose.And now for the couple...
Aren't they cute?
I love that they are polar opposites but they love each other.
They make a great team!
And now onto Jillian Michaels

She is one hot mama.
This is my favorite Jillianism...
This is my favorite form of torture that she does.
I want her abs!
I want her arms!
I really want her ass but I couldn't find a good picture of it.
She is just amazing.
She jumps on peoples backs and makes them piggy-back her around as their workout!
This is truly for the lesbians out there. It almost turned me:-)

Happy Monday all!


  1. It's funny...I never thought Jillian was a lesbian until you said it that once at a party. Now I wonder!

    And Bob, ooohhhh Bob. Mmmmm Bob. You know I love me some Bob. I have a fantasy that I could turn him. Just for a night! That first picture is scrumptious. Thanks again. You never disappoint.

  2. I would LOVE to have Jillian's body. I better start working on that ASAP! Now if only I actually had some time to work out again...

  3. I almost turned back for him .... but will stick with her ;0))

  4. Here, Here Laura! I second that post.

  5. she is the best! and her body! :)