Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Way Back Wednesday...Hangin' Tough

This week is dedicated to my teenaged love affair with the New Kids on the Block (and my'll see). Or if you are a child of the 80's/90's you affectionately know them as NKOTB. I fell in love when Hangin' Tough came out and I never looked back.
Manda (my bff) and I made a pact to plaster our walls with pictures of the New Kids until our parents agreed to take us to see them in concert.
I had the beach towel, bed comforter, pillow cases with each guys face on it (how do you think I learned to kiss?) and just about every other crap item stamped with NKOTB. My walls were collages in tribute to NKOTB.
We waited for my dad to come home drunk one night and got him to agree to take us to the concert if we stood in line for the tickets. We were there at 6am and we ended up with 26th row center to their concert at Busch Stadium in 1991.
I will never forget it. Jordan stood over an air vent with his shirt open and I.thought.I.DIED.
Security had to come and ask my dad to kindly get off of his chair AND he smuggled a camera into the concert in one of the many pockets of his bugle boys. We just thought he was the coolest!
I remember the day of the concert like yesterday. Manda and I had a goofy photo taken that day and had it framed. It will forever capture the excitement of the day.
We also bought boxers and t-shirts which we designed ourselves with puffy paint to show our individual love to our seperate boys. I was a Donnie fan, she liked Jordan. Somewhere along the way we switched. I think it was when Donnie went badboy. Manda loved her a badboy.
Manda and I have been friends for 30 (almost 31) years...our entire lives basically and this was the first and last bit of music that we agreed upon. I went to rap and hip hop after NKOTB and Manda went alternative. We will always have our New Kids on the Block days though.
Last year when NKOTB toured in St. Louis I know a whole lot of grown ass women that dressed up in their old t-shirts and flair and went to see them. I still think they are hot, as you can see below but I think nothing would live up to that concert at Busch Stadium, just me, my bestfriend and my daddy.
Thankfully when my obsession passed as a pre-teen I never latched onto anything again the way I did NKOTB. Good thing because my parents probably would have had me committed.
Daddy says a true artist withstands the test of time. When you are still rockin' 20 years after your first big hit, you have made it. I guess NKOTB, Madonna and Michael Jackson all fit that bill. I know there are many more but those are the 3 daddy picked on. Clearly he was wrong. Oh, well. He still took me to see NKOTB with 55,000 other screaming teens.
About 5 years ago Eric Clapton came to St. Louis in concert. My dad LOVES Clapton but money was tight and he was not going to go. I called his wife and negotiated behind his back to gain his release for the evening to attend the Clapton concert with me. Our parents are used to doing for us so he was shocked that I had spent the time and money to buy us both a ticket and drive him down there for the show. On the way down I told him of mine and Manda's plot years ago to get ourselves to the NKOTB show. He had no idea he had been dupped. I told him Clapton was payback. Payback for the New Kids, payback for taking me to see the Big Bossman and Hulk Hogan in the steal cage at the arena and payback for being a fantastic dad!
He still says the New Kids are all a bunch of fags. I hated to admit to him that Johnny really is...


  1. Why did it cut my pictures? I can't figure it out!

  2. OMG! All of them are sOOOOOOO freaking good looking now!!

  3. i think they look better now then they did before


  4. Jon is? How did I miss that? I was IN LOVE with Jordan. I made my little brother take my picture in front of my NKOTB poster so it looked like I was standing there with them. Such a nerd I was. I gotta drudge up that picture...wouldn't that be a great Way Back Whensday post?

  5. What a great post! It's crazy to think about how obsessed I was with them... it's amazing they are still putting on concerts today!