Friday, October 2, 2009

This topic has been wedged in my craw for a while now. WARNING: I could get extremely foul. I sometimes have an issue with couth/restraint/manners in these matters; meaning I have none. For some reason when people act like animals it sparks an animal instinct inside of me. St. Louis has been in the national spotlight recently for something that makes not one of us proud. The local FBI has reported that the St. Louis area leads the nation in child predator arrests. Yippy for us! There are 2 ways to look at this: We are either doing a good job of getting these freaks off of the street OR we just have more baby-rapers in the STL than most places. Maybe it is a little of both. You might remember this post about a local priest who was arrested in one of these sting operations. His church is paying to defend him for negotiating sex with a 16 year old girl! I read the local paper daily. I don't like most of what I read but today was ultra disturbing because of this (St. Peters man gets probation for sex with young girl) and this (Lake Saint Louis sex offender is accused of new crimes). I live smack dab in the middle of these 2 towns. The paper listed these stories right beside each other, I can only assume to give us all a healthy dose of what we are dealing with here. The family in the first story REQUESTED that the baby raper in this case not go to jail, hence the sickeningly disturbing headline that this freak is just on PROBATION for admitting to sex with a CHILD UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE! You have got to be bagging me that there is a mother out there that would let some sick fuck get away with doing this to her daughter and REQUEST no jail time for him? Sure, give him a free pass to rape again. Better yet, drop him off at the fucking elementary school some goddamned cotton candy flavored condoms.

The 2nd fuck is accused of NEW crimes. You know what that makes him? If you guessed a repeat fucking rapist win the prize. Good ole' Daniel P. Cooper of Lake St. Louis, molestation was not enough...he went for forcible sodomy as well. He is already a registered sex offender due to charges of attempted aggravated sexual abuse against a child in Glen Carbon. I am super glad we let this winner back on the street. On 2nd thought, perhaps the first victim's family didn't want him to serve jail time and that left him on the streets to rape again.

I know I am really down on the men but it is important to point out that women are sex offenders too. Take this recent St. Louis story. Christie Bradley of Waterloo is accused of trying to arrange sex with a 14 year old boy when she showed up to the boy's parent's house with lingerie and condoms for a sex date. Her husband is working through their attorney to secure bail for her at this time. Isn't that special?

It amazes me that we have drug offenders sitting in jail over sale or distribution of fucking herbs but these sick fuckers are back on the street in no time raping children. That is if they serve any time at all. What kind of message does it send to our kids when we say; "I know this horrible thing happened to you but does someone really need to go to jail? Do you really want to have to testify? Why don't we just act like this didn't happen and we will all be fine." It goes back to the timeless argument about women reporting rape. It used to carry a stigma to be a rape victim. To this day people ask what you might have done to deserve that treatment (Chris Brown Vs. Rihanna case is a perfect example. Surely she must have done something to cause him to hit her). Somehow the victim is blamed. For this reason for years women didn't report rape. Then we started to find out that rape is not an isolated incident. Those who rape once will rape again, especially if they get away with it. It is a recurring behavior that escalates to much more in many cases, sometimes even murder. If these things are not reported, investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law then another girl, many girls are at risk.

I recently had a discussion with a bunch of mommy friends about what should be done. I feel like castration is the only answer. If you are a registered sex offender you will be castrated. NO if, ands or buts about it. So then we got the question, what about these 17 year old kids who text nudie photos and are convicted sex offenders now? Or drunks caught peeing at Mardi Gras that get charged with indecent exposure which in the state of Missouri leads to becoming a registered sex offender. I think there should be levels. Peeing or even exposing yourself in public is no where near sex with a child. Why are these people even in the same groups? So here is my suggestion on how to solve this problem.

Level 1- fines, fees, warning that future behavior will result in registered sex offender status
Sexter (texting of the sexual explicit nature)

Level 2- prison, castration, branding...yes I said branding!
Sexual deviants
Child molesters

We all understand prison and castration. The branding part is where it gets interesting. Remember the big A of Adultery back in the day? This is similar.

Sept. 22, 2006: In a brutal example of jailhouse justice, Anthony Ray Stockelman, serving a life sentence for the 2005 molestation and drowning of 10-year old Katie Coleman, had his forehead forcibly tattooed by fellow prisoner Jared Harris, a cousin of Coleman, with the words "Katie's Revenge." Stockelman, an inmate at Wabash Valley state prison in Indiana, was transferred out of the general population for his own protection.

I think this is what should happen to every person who is convicted of sex crimes against a child. I say let the other prisoners carry out the branding as was done in this case. Then we don't have to worry about you turning out your light on halloween or sneaking into the toy section at Target. Everytime your forehead sees the light of day, everyone on this earth would know what a sick fuck you were, are and always will be.


I really do feel so much better!


  1. Look at the bright side of least the priest story is with a girl this time.

  2. I still can't believe Joe's old boss was caught in these same sting operations. I haven't heard yet what kind of sentence he got. I can't believe some of these fuckers are actually getting away with these things... and that a mother wouldn't press charges?! What is wrong with that bitch?

  3. People are fucked up.

    That is all.