Friday, October 9, 2009

An open letter to...David's Dad

Dear Mr. Good Samaritan,

I appreciate your stopping in the rain last night. You have no idea how much I appreciate you. I was only a mile or so from the gas station and frankly it was my own dumb fault for driving from the city to the county on the phone knowing my gas light was on. I was on my cell with my sister who was freaking out as traffic whizzed by on the highway. She did not want me to accept a ride with you but only because she loves me and didn’t want you to be a psycho ax murderer. She actually did not want me to hang up my phone but act like I did so she could hear if you tried to kill me. I saw your son in the backseat and your friendly face and that was all I needed to know you were all good.

Giving me a lift to the gas station was super nice but waiting while I bought a gas can and filled it up so you could take me back to my car was even nicer. Your son, Little David, didn’t seem to mind there in the backseat, playing with his new sling shot from Cabela’s. I would not have known the Cardinals lost until this morning when I logged onto Facebook and saw all of the bitching if it weren’t for you.

You gave off the hunter-guy vibe. I usually call them Bambi-killers but clearly you are one of the good guys. I know it could have turned out really differently and I might have regretted my decision to accept your help but I just knew you were cool when you stopped. My dad and I used to sit and people watch when I was a kid so he could teach me how to read people. Daddy did well because my read on you was right on. If I had to guess you work for a local union, you hunt on weekends, you are a great dad and your wife thinks the world of you.

I appreciate you standing in the rain with me to put my 2 gallons of gas in so I could get off of the roadside; all the while positioning your truck to force people out of the lane closest to my car. Of course you would not accept any money for your good deed. You don’t know how many people just drove on by before you stopped. I feel bad for not having gotten your name but I didn’t want to pry into your life as you were so nice to me. So here is to you, Mr. Good Samaritan, David’s dad and my savior of yesterday. You are an amazing person. I believe in Karma and you got some good stuff coming to you.


The stranded stupid woman who ran out of gas in the rain


  1. aww well isn't that sweet? so nice to know good people are out there =)

    i would have freaked out if i was in your situation. glad you were safe =)

  2. That is so awesome that guy stopped. I would have been so nervous getting a ride from a stranger... but I am pretty paranoid when it comes to stuff like that. I am so freakin relieved that he turned out to be such a nice guy and you are okay! I love you!!!!

  3. first so glad you were safe and so glad there are still good peeps out there... Leigh was watching over you when Mr Hunter Man stopped. Thats awesome.

  4. I would have freaked out. but i also would have freaked out just waiting there. im so glad david's dad came to your rescue. i wish all people were like this guy :)