Monday, October 5, 2009

Man Candy Monday- Madonna and Baby Jesus

I am trying a little something new today. This week's Man Candy Monday is, for the first time ever...a couple. This is not them...only half of what makes the whole.
Do you know who this fine young hottie is?
He sure looks good without a shirt on.
Any guesses?

I would kill to be this girl.

Introducing Baby Jesus!
Better known as Jesus Luz

He is an underwear model...
He looks really good wet.And in white...
AND black and white
That smile...
Or not...still hot!
Ok, so who is this young lady?

Anyone seeking Susan?

Who's that girl?

Old School...

This is just hot!
You must know by now.
But I will take you through some different looks...
Just in case
She is my idol.
Even when I was a little girl.
I wanted to be her at this time in history
Striking a diva pose!
Still gorgeous today!
And just as raunchy
Still hip
Always hot
Constantly reinventing
But a natural classic all at the same time
Truly iconic!
Always cutting edge.
And with MUCH style
She will always be...
A legacy to me
Now for....
Baby Jesus!!!!!!

Hope that gives you the happy Monday that it did me:-)


  1. I love me some Madonna. My BFF's mom took her to her concert not too long ago and she said it was incredible!