Monday, September 21, 2009

MCM- Taye Diggs and Pink

Introducing my cocoa brown babydaddy, Taye Diggs.
Everybody loves a doctor!
Or just a man in a suit...This is where I originally fell in love. Watching Stella get her GROOVE back!
Most perfect teeth ever! I love me a good grill.
From the movie The Wood. I have never seen it but I think I might now!

Lovin' the hat
He looks all shy here...very sudective!
Black and white...
That tat is just sexy. Perhaps even sex on a stick.

And now on to my girl...I freaking love Pink. I always have as she reminded me of myself and my very own non-conforming ways.
And she can do this...on stage or in a cage, just like I like.
She just has a bangin' body. Seriously, look at that ass!
I like the light pink hair and the old style look of this photo.
This is all right to me. Hair, make-up, background and outfit are picture perfect!
I didn't believe this one was her at first...once I got my chin off the floor I realized it sure is!
Love, love, love the pink hair.

Sexy and serious...
That's hot
Sing it!
Her softer lesbian side...
This might be my next hair do!

I like it dark too.
Ladies be lovin' Pink.
Here is a damn good reason why. This picture is why I chose her this week.
Happy Monday to all!


  1. Until this MCM, I never looked at Pink that way. Not the case anymore! Wow!! And my boy Taye. It was everything I had not to stroke my computer screen. Totally drooling over here. Thanks, T. You never disappoint.

  2. Both very delicious choices.... Yum!