Monday, September 14, 2009



This was invented by my friend Gina’s friend, Elizabeth. I liked the idea so much I am stealing it this week. The idea is to write down 5 things each day that you are grateful for and do this for a full 7 day week. I have said for weeks that I was going to do this and last week I finally started my list. Here goes:


Last Monday was Labor Day and I was off work.

I had a nice chill morning with my coffee and a book.

I had a date day with Dan after not seeing him for almost a week.

I watched The Soloist which was a quality movie with a REAL plot.

I had sushi with Joe and Laura and joked that it would be our last dinner before Baby Ayla arrived the next day (I was trying to force her out at this point).


My sister passed the Missouri Bar Exam!!!!!!

Rachel came to visit after work and we enjoyed some girl time.

I got a text from an old friend that I haven’t heard from in way too long.

Laura is finally in labor!!!!!!

I lost my phone and although my sister was awaiting her bar results and Laura was having a baby, it was really nice to be unplugged.


Baby Ayla arrives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 minutes of coffee talk with Dan before work.

Work seminar that was more than smooth and I think I nailed a few new clients!

I finally found my phone!

My sister had a 2nd interview for a real live attorney job and she could tell them she passed the bar!!!!!!!!


My step mom found out her cancer is still in remission and she does not have to follow up again until December:-)

Dan and I disagreed without having it turn into a fight.

I started my first savings plan in years.

I had a wonderful 2 hour lunch at PF Chang’s on the patio courtesy of my boss.

I mowed the grass after work which always calms my mind and works out my aggression from the day. Yes, I like to mow grass. I really enjoy any mindless job that leaves you feeling accomplished after


I got to meet Baby Ayla.

I took dinner to Joe and Laura and it felt good that they were both so satisfied by my cooking. (Kudos to the hospital for being so terrible!)

Dan and I had some time alone to talk and reconnect; more than just a few minutes here and there.

It was 9/11 so I really just took the day to be grateful for my family and friends and how little we were personally affected by 9/11. Everyone was affected but we didn’t lose loved ones.

I was really grateful there were no further attacks on the US that day…or any day since then.


I got to wake up next to Dan.

Dan made biscuits and gravy for breakfast while we had coffee talk.

My sister’s graduation party!!!!!!!!!!

I loved seeing my gays at the party and having some time to feel at home with those bitches. It was amazing and so much fun.

Out of town family and old family friends at the party were really awesome to see.


I got to sleep in…until I woke up. No dogs, no Dan snoring…just me, myself and I!

I got to see my daddy…without distraction.

I went to visit Dan at work and we washed my car which was actually a lot of fun. We are dorks.

I had a nice chill day to myself and was able to chill, do laundry and clean-up at my own pace.

I made myself a wonderful dinner and watched a few movies before falling asleep on the couch at 8:30!

I was just rereading my list and these things sound like just lists of what I did. To me it is the small things that you should be most grateful for. Those 30 minutes with Dan after a few days of not seeing one another really mean more to me than you could know. I also enjoy and appreciate my time to myself. I try to make a mental check list of things that I am grateful for each morning and then again each night. I like this exercise because it forces that evaluation of the day and perhaps brings to light something positive that you overlooked the first time.

As promised, this week’s Man Candy Monday is dedicated to Gina’s picks because I got the 5/35 idea from her. Stay tuned to see what male/female combo melts Gina’s butta!


  1. You made me literally ell oh ell with your shout- out. I think it's really nice that so many of your happy things are things that are actually happy for other people. It's awesome that you get good feelings from that.

  2. Oh...and I am at work and afraid to check out your man candy post (boo, Big Brother) but I am just ITCHING to get home and look at the combo!