Thursday, September 10, 2009

Politics, it seems to me, for years, or all too long, has been concerned with right or left instead of right or wrong. ~Richard Armour

Our President addressed the nation’s school children this week. His message was to stay in school, get an education and start planning now for the future. It is a message that many 30-somethings, or even recent unemployed 20-something college graduates wish someone would have shared with them. And who better than our nation’s leader to reach out to today’s youth? The man IS the American dream quantified. He can reach more school aged children than the Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus and that is no small feat. The issue today is not our President addressing the school children it is the parents who are against it that I take a beef with. Even if you didn’t vote for Obama you have to admit his story is amazing. Even if you don’t agree with his politics somewhere deep down you know he is not harming school children by telling them to get an education. What is the problem? This country has gone crazy on Democrat/Republican, for or against, taxes or no taxes, healthcare or no healthcare. No one agrees. We all know something has to be done with healthcare but no one is sure what that is. I don’t think anyone in America completely identifies with one party or idea on ALL issues. None of us want to have to pay out more but most of us would be willing to if it creates a positive change in this world. THAT is what we voted for. Well, I did anyway. I don’t know about you.

A grown-ass man and member of Congress called our President a liar last night on the congressional floor. I understand that tempers are flared and a word get heated but, is that really how you show respect to your Commander-In-Chief? He called the man a liar in front of the world and not man-to-man, face-to-face. He was a coward and did it in a group of hundreds of people and on national television. I hated our former President, GWB. I don’t think there is any question about that. I tried my best to accept that he was (allegedly) elected by the majority and I had to bite my tongue until he was gone. I can assure you that if faced with George W. Bush today I would be gracious. I don’t think I would share with him the detriment that I feel he did to this country, nor the distaste that I personally hold for him, his policies, his politics and his people. I would let him know from my heart how I feel that he could have done better. More than likely we would agree to disagree on most matters…or we would go to duke it out.

The world seems to have become a very radical place in a short period of time. Desperate times are indeed calling for desperate measures on behalf of many Americans. War, the economy and unemployment and healthcare are the issues that we asked for our leader to tackle and he is. Had John McCain been elected I don’t think he would have taken half as much action by this time. I find it funny looking back at how fierce of a battle the presidential race seemed just 1 year ago. Today, Sarah Palin is no longer the governor of Alaska, let alone a vice president. She is not even an elected official. I know there are many SP followers that hope to see her again in 2012 but she didn’t finish out her job as Governor which shows that she has no follow-through. I don’t see her being a problem in the future. John’s wife Cindy admitted on the Today show yesterday that she is relieved to not be in Michelle Obama’s shoes right now. She actually came out and said that to Meredith Viera! I personally LOVE Obama but I can see the issue for people who don’t. What were our other options? People no one has heard of? The American media only gives voice to MAJOR political parties so a good portion of presidential candidates were never heard from by mainstream media. Did you know that a black woman ran for President in this last election? I knew strictly from my own research. I never once saw her bio on fox/cnn/msnbc, not so much as a small picture and acknowledgement of throwing her hat in the race. She certainly was not invited to the debates as most of the smaller named candidates were not. Some people say that creating more political parties will cause even more divide than we are seeing now. Is that possible? You have people who don’t agree with their own parties crossing party lines. You have Senators and Congressman voting based on who introduced the bill and how it will affect their bid for re-election by voting on it. Then on the other side you have the American public, hungry for a story. Everything is a scandal. All parties are guilty until proven innocent. We say that Congress and the Senate are full of crooks but we put them there! If we have no faith in our system it is our own fault. I thought the movement behind Barack Obama showed our faith being restored. There were so many people that came out to vote and support the bid for presidency. Where are those people now? When we cast a vote for Change to me that is a commitment within you to accept and embrace that change. Why is it then that Mr. Obama is being met with so much resistance? We voted for Obama, we voted for Change. I feel like our President has a long road ahead of him. It will be 2035 before we can truly gauge what kind of President he was and how he affected America on the whole. He can have no affect without the support of America and the American’s who voted for him. George Bush had the same issue in his administration. He was elected by mostly conservative war lovers and they turned on him when he didn’t find WMD’s. What did you expect? You are the same people that feel like our country profits from war! This issue isn’t just about going to the polls every 4 years and casting your vote. It is about getting involved and engaging the community. It is making your voice heard as well as hearing others. It is understanding that you are not the only person on earth and if we all make a conscious effort, life can be better for us all. No matter whom the President is…

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