Monday, September 14, 2009

Man Candy Monday

Mmmm, mmmmm muscles!

Why does the blood make it sexier?
So serious!
Awww, this is how I remember him...oh, Ryan Atwood!

That smile!
I love this pic for some reason...

One dimple...
Love a man in uniform!
And in wilderness:-)
I know it is hard to believe, considering how much I enjoyed that but Ben McKenzie was Gina's pic. You know him from the OC, 88 Minutes and Junebug. I mostly remember him for his arms and pecs but whateva!

Our lady lumps this week were also Gina's choice but my girl Laura is a big fan of this lady as well:

It is none other than Olivia Wilde from House. Who wouldn't really? Don't cha just love that quote?

She can pull off many looks.

Sexy vixen...

Natural beautyS&M;-)

Mauled beauty queen...

Sensitive woman

Bad-ass bitch

Sex on a stick

Some interesting facts:
Ben and Olivia were costars on The OC. He played Ryan Atwood, she dated both Seth and Marissa in her roll as a bi sexual.
Olivia is #1 on Maxim's list of hot women this year.
Ben is ranked #5 in Independent Online's "100 Sexiest Men Alive"
Olivia hold dual citizenship with the US and her native Ireland.
Ben currently stars as a hot cop on Southland.
Olivia is a vegan.
Ok, Gina and Laura, you have me hooked on Olivia Wilde now too. Happy Monday to all!

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  1. OH MY GOD that was worth the wait. I will be looking at this post quite a bit for a while. You picked lots of my favorite Ben photos and a few I've never seen. Between him and Olivia, I am all hot and bothered. Thank you Toni.