Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Way the hell back...

This week's edition of Way Back Wednesday is a tribute to the original Crosby Clan. My parents divorced in 1992 and both remarried in 1995. After 14 years they can finally stand to be in the same room together. I think the last actual photo of the original clan took place in Reno, NV when my sister graduated college in the late 90's but it is not pictured here, as I cannot find it. We have since added a stepmother that came with a 37 year old sister and a 29 year old brother. We also have a stepfather equiped with his own 2 daughters. Things were so much simpler in the 80's.

I think the picture below was taken outside of Joe Patty's Restaurant in Pensecola, Florida. I would guestimate myself at about 18 months.

This next one shows the joy in my parents relationship. You see it...all over mama's face. LOL. Loving dad's hat and mom's glasses! Clearly taken at a summer fun party at our old house: 404 Jungerman Road...way back when Jungerman was a 2 lane road! I would say I was 2 or a little older.

I am not quite sure where this next beauty was captured. Notice how the parents are color coordinated as are the children. Uggg, at least we didn't match perfectly as was the case all too often. This time daddy is getting the nasty glasses award but mom still has that look of joy:-) I was probably 3 or 4 here.
This little gem was taken outside of a private country club that my entire family used to work at. By the terrible dress on my sister I can tell you it was my cousin Debbie's wedding round about 1983. I wore that dress to my preschool photo day so I had to have been 4 or 5 here. Mom's joy is all over this one too. Oh, and shout out to my sis on those glasses!
Now this is where things really started to go wrong in the 80's. Dad's glasses with leisure suit are a bit much. Mama's femullet coupled with those beautiful 1980 style shoes really make her stand out. My sister, well, where do I begin? The hair? The braces? The dress?????? I hate to say it but my hateful glare is the most inviting thing in this here photo. Terrible dress. I hated that haircut and what is with the black shoes with a white dress and tights? Clearly mother's fashion was never top notch. Taken in our living room at 1644 Muegge Road, before we took out the horrible 1970's green shag carpet. Oh, yeah. You are jealous.
This final shot was taken at the beginning of the end. My sister was in some Young-Miss-Something pageant in Kansas City. She wanted to be an attorney and this was taken outside of KU's Law School in early 1991. I would imagine this is the last photo taken of the family prior to divorce as it was just a few months later. You can see the fake joy that my father, sister and I have mastered. Mom is not even playing games anymore so her misery is evident.
Knowing my parents as I do today I sometimes look back and wonder how they were ever married for 21 years. We all probably could have done without the last 6 or so, give or take. It has taken growing up and learning my own life lessons to see how much they sacrificed to keep our family together for as long as it was. I am glad that they are both happier and healthier people in their new relationships. I love and respect their partners as well as the extended and sometimes messed up family that came with them. I will, however, never forget that this original Crosby Clan is where I come from. This is my history.


  1. Oh my god... seriously... these pictures have me cracking up! I love all the clothes... and the hair.. and the glasses!! I am so glad you posted this... it was hilarious!!

  2. This was one of the funniest blog posts I have ever read. Your mom's lack of willingness to smile for pictures is the funniest thing, followed closely by that bee-you-teeful dress of your sister's. Does your mom smile for pics now?

  3. She is a much happier person sans the ex-husband. I will post some newer photos of us all soon! I found some real oldies of my sister and I so that is to come next week!