Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ranting non-sense with one little rave!

I have some things to get off of my chest and we all know where I turn to do that. This could be the most random post of nothing I have ever done. Who knows but here goes! I am a huge reader of celebrity smut. It is an addiction and one that I know I should give up but I just can’t. Other people’s lives and stories really intrigue me. It is a sickness. I am enamored recently by the story of Steve McNair and his mistress. I am having a hard time swallowing the fact that this man had a wife, a home and 3 kids with her. He had a mistress who allegedly shot him because she thought he was having another extramarital affair. Then he had an apartment that he shared with a sports merchandiser and friend. The wife says she knew nothing of the mistress who just happens to have been arrested 2 days prior to the murder/suicide and left roadside by her NFL boyfriend. I would assume he didn’t want to be connected to her DUI but the car was registered in both of their names. How does your husband have a mistress whom he co-owns a vehicle with and you don’t know? Oh, and they just took a 3 week vacation together too, Steve and his other woman. I am just repulsed that a married man is carrying on with his adulterous behavior, down to taking the girl/child (mistress was only 20) on vacation and owning joint property so blatantly out in the open where his wife could find out if she opened her damn eyes. Ok, I think I got all of that out.

Now…this whole Michael Jackson thing has just gone too far. I expected the media storm for the week or so after he died, maybe even 2 weeks but we are going too far now. All of my celebrity smut sites are bogged down with speculation and controversy surrounding his life, death, will, kids, family and power. It is just sick and twisted and I am tired of hearing about it. Those kids are fucked up, no matter who they are placed with. After debts are paid, even with the profit off of his death, there will be little left monetarily and I would hope his mother would let the children have it instead of taking her 40%. I don’t care about Debbie Rowe, nor did I care when she married him and bore his children. Clearly his doctors were shady…he was looking for shady doctors. What the King of Pop wants, the King of Pop gets. He killed himself…slowly but surely. We have all been watching the destruction for years but no one stepped in to help. These staff people are now saying the drug use was out of control but no one did anything to help when there was still time to do so. Brooke Shields talks about how he didn’t need to marry her because he had her for life. She mentioned in her very public eulogy that she had not spoken to Michael since 1991. That was the case for many of his celebrity “friends” who showed up. Where were they when he needed them in life? I don’t know but everyone is in for a piece of the profit now and I am sick about it.

This next one really sets me off. Fuckin’ ridiculous-ass, backwards thinking and radical as hell, Sarah Palin has stepped down as the Governor of Alaska. This was a week ago but the GOP keeps trying to get press on this “story”. Some delusional folks think she did this in an effort to concentrate on the presidential run in 2012. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! You cannot keep your commitment as Governor but you think you can be president, Sarah Palin? Over my dead body is all I have to say on that one. Is it just me or am I the only one that remembers her single-handedly ruining John McCain’s chances at his bid for the top seat? Her abstinence preaching teen-mother of a daughter is a great example for young women everywhere. In fact, Sarah’s own views of raping a woman of her right to decide what is best for her own body is the lowest I thought she could go. But alas, she doesn’t disappoint as she skates on her responsibilities as Governor in what some are saying is a ploy to accept book and movie deals for her life story that she was unable to accept while Governing the great state of Alaska. I, for one, would never see/buy or borrow such trash relating to Sarah Palin or her sad and pathetic family. I hope she slowly disappears into her own reflection of Russia.

My face is a nasty disgusting pit of pimples. I am so angry at my doctor right now. When I saw her a few months back and she put me back on the pill she told me to stop taking dermatologist prescribed meds for my face because she said the pill would do the same thing. I took the pill for years before and it never cleared up my face but I went with her. It has been 4 months now and I have 5, yes 5, HUGE cyst-like pimples on my face. One of them started forming while we were camping over Memorial Day weekend and I still have it. These things are massive and they hurt like hell. I call them Quato’s and my face looks like Quato threw up right now. I don’t want to leave the house so don’t anyone pop up anytime soon with cameras like the paparazzi because I will cut a bitch. I called the doc early today and she just called me back. She said to start my old pills again and if they work she will refill it. Her first suggestion was for me to come in and try something she wanted. I know what works and listening to her is what got me here. I am very upset as this will take 30-60 days to clear up again now. In the meantime my face looks disgusting and I will probably have scars from these mongo things. Lesson learned, next time I tell the doctor no. I wasn’t keen on her idea of stopping the meds and now I regret not advocating for myself. In high school I had a Quato so bad once that my drama teacher, Wayne Linder, made it the topic of an improv that I had to do with my friends. I mean seriously, this was a problem then and it is an even bigger issue for me at 30 years old. Stop the insanity already!

Last but not least, I will end with a funny and not so ranting moment. I called my dad yesterday on my way into work to set up dinner for last night. I was running late and the parents are super early risers so I think it was about 8am. I have a strict rule in my family that they are not to call me before noon. It has been in place since adolescence and I am grateful that they still adhere to it. My mother is the type to call you incessantly to ask ridiculous questions very early in the morning. I have actually answered the phone at 8am with “someone better be dead” and she says, “Oh, I forgot, sorry”. Who calls at 8am to ask questions? Not me, usually. Anyway, I call dad at 8am and the first thing he asks me is if I know what time it is. Now what kind of question is that? I called you. So we set up dinner and hang up. When I got to his house last night he was still shocked that I had called that early and again said, “Do you know what time you called me this morning?” I advised him that I was on my way to work, running late non-the-less or it would have been almost an hour earlier. Do you know what he said? “I figured you had just gotten in and knew I would be up”. Thanks, Dad for that vote of confidence.

I am missing Dan terribly as he has been gone a day and a half on his Wild West adventure 4 wheeling. I have another 7 days so I need to chill. He is on roam and cannot call or text much so that sucks. Hopefully he has wifi and can e-mail me soon. I know he made it safely as we did talk for about a minute and a half last night. My week is full of girl’s nights and a gay night out this weekend so I will keep busy. I get PB back from her mom on Sunday and she and I will have Monday and Tuesday to chill together before Dan gets home. I already cannot wait to see him! I am such a dork. I hope the week flies by for everyone. I am ready for Friday!


  1. I rarely literally LOL at blogs but this one had me rolling. I am going to LA next month and hopefully can get some insight for you. Ha! I had to tell my dad in college not to call me so early either, since I had a roommate. I was just telling B that story the other day. :) Hope you get through your week quickly and easily. And that your skin clears up soon. I have some kick ass Avon stuff if you want to try it!

  2. Awe... it sounds so cute when you go on about missing Dan. I bet this little vacay will be good for you guys! I am so with you on the MJ shit... it's getting really old and the whole thing just makes me sick. I can't believe Mr Linder formed an improv around your pimple... what an ass monkey!