Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Way Back Wednesday...sisters addition

These next few Wednesdays I have decided to make a tribute to my sister who is, as I type, completely losing her mind about the pending Missouri Law Bar exam. She is 5 ½ years older than me. I have always said that she remembers the few good years my parents had together which I don’t so much. Growing up in our house there was a lot of fighting and there were many times that we only had each other. She was my caretaker and advocate and I was the biggest pain in her ass that I could possibly be. Our later years (pre-teen on into young adulthood) produced some pretty horrendous 80’s flashback photos which I will share with you later in the month. For now, we start with the young and innocent times of our early childhood. I purposely picked out the photos that demonstrate my need to rule a situation, regardless of my good girl sister doing her best to reign me in. Our grandparents brought us necklaces when they visited one time around these years. My sister’s said 99% angel and mine said 99% devil. That was pretty much the theme as evidenced below.

I have to wonder why my parents insisted on dressing me like a boy. At least the apple necklace is a small indication of my gender. Look at my sis, giving a shout out to the community with her lil rainbow sweater! It looks as if I am plotting something really bad here.

This is off of our back deck of our old house. Clearly this is my sister's fault as she is tickling me.
I don't know why but I love the cheese-tastic quality of this shot. I still do that with my face sometimes. Tres unattractive now, much cuter then. What is that fabric my shirt is made of? And my sister's collar?
This is one of my favorites. It clearly shows me as the annoying little sister and my big sis dealing with it pretty well. She probably decked me after the picture was taken.
This one is great because I think my sister spent a good part of these years trying to wrangle me in. I remember my mom yelling "get your sister before she hurts herself". Thanks, Sissy!
OMG, to the matching dresses. I hated these things and hated the extra lace my grandmother sewed into them even more. I think this was taken at a private country club that my parents and grandparents used to work at. There are many more matching outfit gems to come!
Last but not least, this was taken in the backyard of our old house on Jungerman. My dad built this swingset that had to be demolished to make room for Jungerman to become 4 lanes. It was a total bummer but we had so much fun while it lasted. This photo is indicative of our personalities for sure.
"If you don't understand how a woman could both love her sister dearly and want to wring her neck at the same time, then you were probably an only child." ~Linda Sunshine


  1. These pictures made my day! You seriously have not changed a bit!!!

  2. I love the pictures! You guys were too cute :)