Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Things that make me go, hmmmm...

This just made me laugh out loud and I thought it blog worthy. I do not hide my absolute distaste for Sarah Palin so nothing tickles me more than a gay man mocking her. I think RuPaul might do a better job at being Sarah Palin than the crackpot herself! This little gem I actually took with my own camera. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is really a limo parked in someone's front yard. This is in the neighborhood of a very good friend of mine who is not anything like her neighbors.
Another view of it because I could not resist. It is literally in their front yard!
This lady was at a local watering hole last night. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt that her attire was due to working as one of Santa's elves all day in a department store (hence the need to immediately belly up to the bar). After watching her interactions at the bar for just a split second one could plainly see that she thought she was hot and was planning to score big. My sister the lesbian actually saw her first. I sure did just all out take a picture. I figured if she went in public dressed like that the least I could do was point and whisper like she wanted.
This final picture came to me via e-mail and pretty much sums up how I am feeling about the holiday season this year.

Merry Christmikuh to everyone and to all a stiff drink!


  1. I don't know which photos made me furrow my brow more...the limo or the Christmas ho!

  2. They were both priceless in their own right. I am glad I waited to post them too since I ended up finding more this week!