Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make it a double...

The weekend was chaotic. I started to blog about the move and I stopped. I have been good (so good) for the past month now emotionally. I know this is what needs to happen and what is best for both of us. For some reason actually physically moving my things out of the house that is no longer my home was really hard. I had great friends to assist and it went quickly but the feeling in the pit of my stomach was unbearable. I had to go back Sunday morning to pick up Bo and feed Max (CL's dog) as CL ran on out of town as soon as he found out when I was moving out. My goodbye with Max was hard. I am his mama now and we both know it. He cried when I let Bo inside to put his leash on and I could still hear him crying in the garage as we loaded up into the car. It was harder to leave him than PB because at least I know she has a mom who will take care of her and talk to her about what is going on. Max will just be alone. He is fed and watered but has very little human interaction with CL due to his work schedule and emotional retardation (yep, I said it). It breaks my heart to have left him behind.

So anyhoo, it was a way emotional time for me. Sunday I got Bo home and he met Buddy (Ferg's dog) for the first time. Buddy is super passive and much smaller than Bo so there was no question of who was in charge and everyone assumed their rolls. I did some cleaning and arranging on Sunday. Once I got out of CL's house and stopped thinking about Max, I was fine. I had plenty to do so there was no time or energy to sulk. My new room has no windows so I sleep like a rock. I have been nervous about getting up on time but that will pass with the newness. Monday was Bo's first day home alone. He has run of the whole basement and he did great. He hasn't chewed or destroyed since he was a puppy and it was minimal then. I was more worried about him being lonely since he and Max had a nice set up together with indoor/outdoor access before. Buddy is afraid of stairs so he stays upstairs all of the time. Mr. Bo Jackson seems affected not one bit by all of this. I am so relieved.

My new roomie has been very welcoming and accommodating. The kids are adjusting as well. E is only 2 and Bo towers over him but he loves him to death already. A is 11 and just a super sweet and quiet kid. They are only there part time, roughly 2 weeks of a month, so I think we will do fine. So far we have no schedule and this week is all about figuring out what works for everyone. Yesterday I went home after work and was there for an hour or so when Ferg's mom showed up with the kids. I have known Ferg since high school and I was in his wedding so I know his mom well. We had a good talk catching up while she wrangled the boys into eating their Chinese food for dinner. A, with that kind little heart of his, gave me a fortune cookie. I finished up my talk with Ferg's mama and headed down to my basement abode to clean and organize more. More than an hour had passed and I was getting ready to turn in for the night when I stepped on the fortune cookie A had given me. I had completely forgotten about it in my unpacking frenzy.

I don't know what you believe but that was a sign to me (stepping on the cookie). I believe in angels. I believe things happen for a reason. I believe in listening to your spirit guides. Now I don't like fortune cookies. I don't eat them but I live for their message. Maybe not live for it but I love it. I have never been offered a fortune cookie without first having eaten Chinese. I don't know why that seems important to the story but it does so it stays. (My blog.) I am sort of chuckling to myself at this point and to my spirit guide who clearly thinks this message is important for me to read. I mean, come on, was it necessary for me to step on it and have crushed cookie bits on my new carpet? Someone clearly thinks so. Half of the time with fortune cookies I get a generic, Happiness is on its way, or some crap like that. As I brushed the dusty cookie remains off of my fortune, taunting the spirits, I realized something was amiss. This had definitely never happened to me before. I had 2 fortunes! In the same cookie!!!!

The first: Your talents will bring you the highest status and prestige

The second: You should enhance your feminine side at this time

They both have significant meaning to me right now for reasons that I won't go into at the moment. They might sound generic to you but they spoke to me. The more important thing was that it was like my spirit guide giving me a little what's what. Like, "when I tell you something is important...it is important". I will be on the lookout from now on. I wonder if there is a special meaning like when you get double yolks in your egg? I don't know but I feel super special anyway. Off to hone my talents and enhance my feminine side;-)

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  1. Great post. I love it and as you know, believe in all that crap ;) too.