Monday, December 7, 2009

Fiddy and Xtina

My Man Candy Monday today has been a huge crush of mine for years. He has the sexiest back in Hollywood. Check it out.
He was a crack dealer at 12.
In 2000 he was shot 9 times and survived.
In the mid 80's he was on the US olympic team for boxing!
He chose 50 Cent as his rap name because it represented CHANGE.
"After I got shot nine times at close range and didn't die, I started to think that I must have a purpose in life... How much more damage could that shell have done? Give me an inch in this direction or that one, and I'm gone"
G Unit
I could not resist the headshot. He is the first Man Candy Monday that had a mug shot on google photos! At 19 years old he was arrested for attempting to sell 4 vials of cocaine to an undercover officer.
I would rather he go naked than wear fur. I wonder if he would pose for PETA?

How hot is it that the girl on the right has a gun? If I had been shot 9 times there is no way in hell she would be gettting that close to me with a gat.
The tats really do it for me, not gonna lie.
Almost cleaned up here. Look at that baby face.
2nd only to Jay Z in dolla, dolla bills, y'all.
As shown here...make it rain, fiddy!
Our lesbian lick of the week is just hot.
Ms. Christina Aguilera
She got her start from Star Search and the Mickey Mouse Club with Brit Brit.
She has become one of the most successful recording artists of the decade, selling more than 43 million records worldwide.
I have always thought she was gorgeous!
And she has an amazing voice.
And seriously, who looks this good pregnant?
She's flirty and fun.
Super sexy too!
But at the heart of it all, she is a mommy.
AND a vixen!
I like her sweet.
But she does sassy so well too!