Friday, December 4, 2009

Serenity NOW

Do you ever feel the need to just get away? To escape your life and problems for some much needed mind, body and soul cleansing. That is my state of mind right now. I am preparing to move very soon and let go of so much of the past. I am excited for my future and the new adventures it holds for me. My problem is I have these bags. Bags of feelings and emotions; love, upset, anger, hurt, frustration, confusion and pain. I need a place to leave my bags. A drop-off, if you will, with no pick-up. The ocean and the mountains have always been the place where my spirit guides can speak directly to my soul. They can release the weight of the world from my shoulders during these visits. Although I am not religious I call them "Come to Jesus" moments. It is a time for me to let it all out and get back to the root of who I am and what I want. I REALLY want an ocean getaway this winter. I hope that the abundance of the universe can bring this dream to fruition. If not, I will find another way to get away and put down my bags.

The law of attraction says you should picture yourself being, doing and acting just as you want and it will come to you. Here goes...

I am lounging in some khaki shorts and a short sleeve shirt (it's warm but not bikini weather). I am reading, enjoying a cocktail and listening to the waves crash on the shore.
I am enjoying a leisurely lunch with a friend. The very hot and shirtless cabana boy continues to return to fill our drinks and fulfill our every wish. He is careful not to speak unless spoken to;-)
I enjoy the sunset while pretending to fish (I can't kill a fish).
This is where I spend most of my weeklong stay. I can feel the water kiss my toes and the sun soaking up all of my sadness and replacing it with excitement and delight. I can feel the energy and pulsation of my future awaiting me!

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  1. That sounds fantastic...and I swear I was just in this lovely place you speak of and have a nice relaxing feeling right now. Thank you!