Monday, November 30, 2009

Man Candy Monday

Mr. Orlando Bloom...

He is the perfect mix of man.

He can do the dark/sexy thing.

Or sweet and sensitive.

Boho chic.

Disturbed? Not sure but it's hot.

Fun-loving and free.

SEXY! Sorry about the b-day wish. I couldn't find this image without it. As you can see there was no omitting this bad boy.

Sexy/sensitive again.

The pro headshot...nice. As a boy/child.
Every man is sexier with a dog.
Eclectic style.
Sexy scrub.

The hot mess look.

This weeks lesbian lick has always fasinated me. This pic below is an image that pops up in my dreams alot except I am Jennifer Aniston and there are more hot boys!
She is so girl-next-door.
With an honest and natural glowing beauty.
But oh...the sex appeal.
Raw and powerful.

And she's playful.
But serious too.
This girl is funny.
Pre-nose job.
AND she was married to Brad Pitt back when he was hot!
I have always loved this one.

She seems like the kind of girl I would be friends with.

Although she might tempt me into sampling the pink taco.
I don't know maybe I could control myself.
Yeah, probably not. I'm thinking she is going on my list of women to do if ever I decide to pinch hit for the other team!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Monday, indeed! I love those picks! The funny thing is that I always thought they were both cute but never thought of them as sexy.

    UNTIL NOW! Yowza!