Monday, November 23, 2009

The gag order

Before I start my Monday and begin blogging my weekend I have a public service announcement. As of today my blog has changed and will never be the same again. I do not edit content. I sometimes change the names of the innocent (and occasionally, the guilty) for their protection but this is just taking it one step too far. I have been threatened with legal action. It is not the first time and certainly not for this individual. She has been making these threats for years but now she has the street cred and necessary legal force to back it up. I have been asked to refrain from painting this person in a negative light or sharing things that might be detrimental to ones…professional career. I feel as if I must note how much power information truly has. I am not at liberty to discuss this topic any further. I defer all future questions in regards to this matter to my attorney;-)


  1. Girl, I wish I had your cell number. I'd be texting you for details right now.