Thursday, November 5, 2009

Healing my hate

Itty bitty hater

Ohhhhhh, I gotst my panties in a big old bunch today. No big secret I am a gay lover (both happy and homo). I have been called a gay magnet which can actually be proved by many nights that there was 1 token gay who was almost immediately drawn to me. Perhaps I have ACCEPTANCE written in rainbow on my forehead. I have amazing Gaydar to the point that I have outed youngin’s before they knew they were gay. One of my very own gays suggested recently that my perfect job would be Ambassador to the Gay community. Now that is a job I could get on board with.
I think you can already see where this is going. This week in St. Louis the Fred Phelps’s family was visiting to spread their message of heartless, hateful and hurtful. My friend Ed over at SHOW ME NO HATE organized a peaceful protest against the Phelps family at a few local schools. I was unable to attend due to work obligations but everyone made white angel wings (large span to distract from the haters). These folks stood out in the cold, silently while this hate machine rolled on by. If Freddy had it his way none of the married couples standing in protest would be married. In fact, they would be arrested for their homosexual lifestyle or “deviant sexual behavior” as Fred prefers. The Phelps family got word of this peaceful protest and called the police. You see, Phelps and his family of haters uses their “poster children” (literally) to get the word out on the streets while Phelps himself spreads the devil’s word inside. Somehow he was frightened by a peaceful protest. This man is going into schools to spread his message of hate but he is threatened by a peaceful protest outside by a bunch of gays? I know Fred has never been close with the community, much less in a gay bar but I have never seen a real fight or violence. Lovers bitch fights, yes. Senseless violence, no.
I struggle with people like this. I wish them ill will, even death. They wish for the permanent disposal of my community, my people. Ed over at SHOW ME NO HATE did an interview with one of the local school newspapers after the peaceful protest and had this to say: We do not hate Fred Phelps or his Church. We actually love them. Judy Shepard (mother of the slain Matthew Shepard 10-years ago of which the Laramie Project was based on) once said to me, "Fred Phelps has helped our cause, our mission more than any other person on this planet." I totally agree with Judy. Fred Phelps is actually doing greatness by spreading his message of hate to people everywhere. [I know that sounds crazy and funny.] I think people look at his signs, his words and think, "Is that me? Do I hate the very same people?" Fred Phelps puts a mirror up to society that in turn helps people look at themselves and see the potential "hate" we all have and hide inside. It was not until recently I learned to really love what the Phelps family is doing for the LGBTQ community. [And it inspires me to look deeper into that mirror and let others look into a mirror.]
All I can say is wow, wow and wow. This is a man whose own marriage could hang in the balance of all of this voting for equality and he does not hate. I could really stand to learn a lesson from him. These images of children being used to promote hateful propaganda are just sickening to me. Can you imagine what kind of haters these kids will grow up to be? My attitude that people like the Phelps family should be eliminated from our galaxy does not promote my own message of love and peace. I hate to say this but it looks like I have a lot of work to do before I am ready for that Ambassador position.

"Poster Child"

P.S. Does anyone else think this is out and out child abuse? I know I have many mommy readers. I am interested what you think.

Oh, and here are some of the pics of SHOW ME NO HATE's peaceful protest:

I absolutely love this photo!

And the big rainbow flag, of course!

The photos at the bottom of the peaceful protest are courtesy of Tiffany Parrett. The small haters holding signs are courtesy of Chris Weiss. I also suggest a stop in to SHOW ME NO HATE to tell Ed what a great job he is doing!


  1. I was reading, or watching, or something recently that I cannot exactly remember that said that forgiveness is for you, not for the offender. I think this is true for the Phelps family too. The hate you feel toward him is only fueling the hatred fire. One great thing about our country is that people have the right to speak what they believe. It is the same right that gave the Show me no hate group the right to stand on their corner. While I flat out disagree with every single thing Fred Phelps teaches his family and the things he spreads across the country, I am still grateful for the right he has to voice his opinion, becasue without it, laws would never, ever have the opportunity to change.
    As far as the children holding the signs, I hope one day those children are afforded the opportunity to think for themselves and reflect on what they were asked to do, and that they perhaps make a different choice.
    The issue of gay marriage has taken HUGE steps in the last 20 years. It is a slow process, but in my opinion, completely inevitable. Gay marriage will be legal, it will eventually be accepted, and maybe if Isaac's kids are born gay, they will not feel afraid to be who they are. That is my hope for the future. And maybe people who see these signs will see how ridiculous these children look and see their hate in a new light.

  2. Want to go out and hold a rainbow flag in the OFC? I'll hold the other end!