Monday, November 2, 2009

Man Candy Monday

Man Candy Monday has got me all hot and bothered. Today I present to you Twilight hottie, Kellan Lutz!

I dream about these dimples. I am not a twi-hard, I just love beatiful men!
Get a good look at the eyes and dimple because you won't even notice them in a minute. didn't even see a head, did you? Holy, manV!!!!!!!!
This is just cute and cuddly.
Raw and sexy...In his younger years but still hot!
Love that serious look!
This one has me thinkin' real dirty at work!
Also the younger years.
Emo chic
Blood sucking vampire!
Esquire Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive 2009
It's Kate Beckinsale
She a hottie with a bodie fo sho!
But a classic beauty also.
Looking quite boobaliscious here.
sexy lady
Something about the nips in this one really got me.


  1. Mmmm nice choices! Me and Jeremy were just talking the other day about how hot Kate was. And I am sooooo looking forward to the new Twilight movie... it's coming up soon!

  2. I already had a girl crush on Kate. She's amazing. Good choice. And me likey the vampire pics. He is so hot that I actually considered calling my next son Emmett! :)