Monday, February 8, 2010

Man Candy Monday

Man Candy Monday this week is dedicated to a few of my favorite shows. This particular gentleman came at a request from my friend, Jen. She loves him from some vampire show. I know him as Boone from LOST!

Ian Joseph Somerhalder

Wonderful bone structure

He does sexy/serious really well...

But those amazing baby blue eyes are what sets this hottie apart from the rest!

Cowboy take me away!

Can you tell he has been a fashion model since he was 10?

Those aren't vampire eyes...

Our lesbian lick this week is someone that I personally find extremely sexy.
Mary-Louise Parker

She got her start on the soap opera Ryan's Hope.

Nip slips are hot!
She is a Broadway stage actress as well.
She played Ruth Jamison in Fried Green Tomatoes. I think the storyline was implying she and Idgie were lesbains but others disagree. (For the record, even wiki explains it as "a deep love and mutual respect")
She was also in Boys on the Side.
She was on The West Wing
And Angels in America
She has been in lots of things but most notibly, she is Nancy Botwin...
The drug-dealing suburban mom on Weeds!
In 2007, she was named entertainer of the year by OUT magazine.
She is certainly one talented lady!

And smokin' hot, sexy too!

This is my favorite ad pic for Weeds.

A stoner must have munchies!
Happy Monday y'all!

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  1. I am glad you always put the women last because ogling the men just confuses me! ;0)