Sunday, February 7, 2010

Drunkin' bloggin'

Usually I make notes and blog later. Tonight, fuck it, I'm drunkin' bloggin'. I went out with my friend, Nicole, tonight. She's on of my few (only) single girls left. We went to a popular part of town here in the Lou that I would not normally visit. I had never been to our bar of choice. We arrived and found a seat easily enough. My friend, Abbye, was bartending so we bellied up (my father's turm) right up to the bar. Unfortunately, these 2 fithly rich (I could tell by the bling in excess of 2 carats and YES, they were married) bitches were trying to make out and tell each other how much they loved each other in such an obscene way that the manager had to intervene. I am a known gay lover but I strongly dislike a closeted bitch (married, non-the-less). These girls acted like they were on the DL (down-low) from hubands and such. They were hiding from no one as far as I could see.

Anyhoo, after 9 (yes, 9!) bumping-in-to's from one of the girls in this twosome, Nicole and I decided to hit the dancefloor. I called out my token gay almost instantly. I told Nicole I would bend him over before the night was through and I did. Then there was this hottie with an accent. I am still not sure where he was from but he could move to a beat so I singled him out. He kept me entertained for a while but I always grow weary. He was with a group of young, foreign boys who did not think they could dance. What fun I had showing them that they could! And most of them really could move. The others, well, it would be fun to teach them. But, I digress.

Nicole and I decided to pack it in before the bar closed to avoid the drunken rush. As we were exiting the bar there was a girl on the ground just outside of the bar. I can't leave a woman down so I asked if she needed help. Her very drunk friend did get the message across that help was on the way. By the time this poor guy arrived, one lone soldier, Little Miss was passed the fuck out. I helped her friend heave her up and tote her to the car. I fell into the backseat with her and as she sat on my legs, I slid her into the vehicle. Nicole, my fearless single gal, did not miss a beat. By the time I slid myself to the other side of the car with drunk girl on my legs, Nicole had the other door open to let me out. We accepted thanks, waved good bye and we were on our way.

Even as I write this some of the events of tonight are hazy. I know I had fun. I danced with a boy from some foreign land with fantastic skills and I am pretty sure we saved at least one drunken fool from planting face-first into the cobblestone. Ahhhh, the nights as a single gal. I almost forgot how entertaining they were!


  1. I'm an old married lesbian, which is WHY I'm up so early! No partying last night for I'm loving the story! I'm so glad you had a great time! AND I can comment from home right now! At least you now know I do come by to poke around. ;)

  2. I love me some old married lesbians! Thanks, RLL. I am glad to have you anytime.