Monday, August 24, 2009

Man Candy Monday

This Monday's Man Candy makes my no-no throb. Mr. Channing Tatum is the king of the shirtless leading man roll. You probably remember him as a dancer in Step Up (1 and 2). He was also very hot and shirtless in Stop Loss, a movie that came out last year about the Iraq war. He is in GI Joe, which I have not seen yet. I learned today from my friends over at Wiki that his first paying job was as a dancer in Ricky Martin's, She Bangs video. More important than his acting chops however are his abs!

This is his sensitive lover look. He's got it down. Loving the scar on his cheek too!
Here we have the classic badboy...also well played. Although I could do without the wife beater under the jacket but...whatev.
This is the "I want your sex pose"....I am in.
Who doesn't love a good shower seduction scene? He seems to be experiencing Hanes OVERFLOW!
Love everything about this except the Jesus pick in the background....or whatever that is ruining my view.
Thanks a million to GQ for these...
Sexy office man by day...rugged firefighter at night!The chains on this one got me...
Our sweet lady lumps for this week are my very own choice. I personally think Meagan Fox is SUPER hot.

Frankly, I cannot believe that David Silver gets to sleep next to this each night.

I hear she's a real bitch...but with that body, who cares?The man candy and lady lumps are so much fun for me. I guess we can all see my type. What I want to know is...what is your type? Comment your ultimate guy and girl and check back to see if they don't just pop up here on a Monday post. Happy week to all!


  1. You never disappoint. I personally love Matthew McConaughey or Ben McKenzie, and my lady lumps winners would be Evangeline Lilly or, of course, Angelina. Duh. :)

  2. Awesome choice with Channing... he is so very yummy and delicious. I especially appreciate the shower pic! As far as Meagan Fox.. something about her rubs me the wrong way, but I can still respect her hot body, there's no denying that.

    For Men: Christian Bale of Gabriel Aubry

    For Woman: Olivia Wilde or Angelina