Monday, August 10, 2009

Man Candy Monday

This week's Man Candy post is a shout out to my original love in sports...Mr. David Beckham. Also a soccer stud, DB is the only person I reserve the right to break my relationship commitment for. I hope these pictures do him justice.

Oh, Armani...


I framed this one for my sister-in-law last year for Christmas and I signed the card "Here is to having a real man to look at before bed". My brother and I have that relationship. They both laughed their asses off.

I truly could not resist this one. I am naughty.

And just incase you missed the pretty face due to muscle distraction.

I am going to make every effort to be fair minded in these Man Candy Monday postings. My sister has requested lesbian candy, therefore I will add them to the bottom of the Man Candy post.

So here is your little lick of lesbian for this fine Monday. I figured I would go with what I know my sissy likes!


  1. Thanks, T! That girl is actually pretty yummy...but I admit I didn't stare near as long at her as I did at one picture of Becks in particular. Since it's Monday, I'll just say it was NOT the naked one. ;)

  2. Mmmm, he is so sexy. And he's not circumsized...that is definitely making a fine statement! I love the lesbian addition to your yummy Monday post...nothing like a little diversity!

  3. Mmmmmm Hummina umina humina.... yummy yum yum!